Benefits of Using VRI

It is free for Deaf people!
You can communicate face-to-face fully in NZSL with your case worker, health professional or in an educational setting.
All meetings are confidential and no records of conversations are ever kept by the VRI centre.
Deaf user and hearing person meeting one-on-one
Deaf and Hearing user on site. Deaf user and hearing person in the same location
Video Interpreter in Remote location
Video Interpreter (VI) The Video Interpreter (VI) in a remote location.
Deaf person signs to Video Interpreter (VI)
Hearing person talks / listens to the Video Interpreter (VI)
Video Interpreter (VI) signs to the Deaf person. The video interpreter talks / listens to the hearing person then translates the conversation to Deaf person using NZSL.
Use VRI for meetings with staff in government agencies e.g. ACC, Work and Income, CYFS, Senior Services, a health professional, or in an educational setting (like parent teacher interviews).